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Welcome at the website of Hapéco furniture and carpet rental
Basically the best
We do what we say and say what we do. The right stuff in immaculate condition at the right time in the right place. Our processes are fully aligned, all the resources are available and all employees go for it. Satisfied customers are our greatest motivation.
Verified Supplier IBC2017

Hapéco is Verified Supplier of IBC2017 and Preferred Supplier in RAI Amsterdam. Order all your furniture and carpet quickly and easily. We provide top quality and top service for a very affordable price. And we are ready to make a difference for you!

Carpet tiles
Re-use makes carpet tiles an extremely enviromentally-friendly choice for your exhibition floor or stand. They come in many different colours and patterns, and can add incredible impact. Let us show you how to use carpet tiles to create that WOW factor.